Cost of Boston Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are nocturnal animals and have a distinctive black mask on their faces. The warmth and comfort of homes with food easily available is a great incentive for them to enter. This is more common when the female is ready to give birth. Raccoon removal is best done by qualified wildlife experts. The cost of raccoon removal like any other service varies with the company you hire and the nature of job. It is important that compromising on costs and hiring untrained people may become a great problem in future Wildlife control companies have licensed professionals who can get the job done in an efficient, humane and legal way. The total cost of Boston raccoon removal depends on the nature of job, number of raccoons, location of raccoons and repair of damage to your home. Companies listed near your home can be sought through internet or friends. The process of removal begins with an inspection by the removal expert to assess the problem and an estimate is given. Raccoons are generally relocated about 10 miles from the property. Only sick animals are euthanized.

Setting traps and removal
The costs for trapping and removal include the primary visit and inspection. An average cost of $100 per trip is charged. Setting of cages may be around $75 - $150 per cage and $50 - $75 for removal per animal. Hence the cost can vary from $150 - $1000 depending on the company, number of raccoons caught and trips undertaken.

Removal of raccoons in building/attic
The cost of removing Massachusetts raccoons from the building or attic can vary from $300 - $500 depending on the situation. The presence of a mother raccoon with babies may require manual removal at $300 per group. Removal of dead raccoons may vary from $275 - $300 and sometimes more if they are in hard to reach places. There may considerable damage to electrical installations, ducts and building. The repairs may vary in cost depending on damage. Some repairs due to raccoon damage may be covered by insurance. Raccoons make the place very dirty. The area has to be cleaned after removal. Cleaning processes include anti microbial fogging. Sometimes professional cleaning may be needed to deal with bacteria build up in feces. This may be around $500.

Exclusion barriers and One way doors
After removal exclusion barriers may have to be erected to avoid re-entry of Boston raccoons. Exclusion structures are used in ground structures like the porch, below the house etc to prevent burrowing. An exclusive barrier is a steel mesh barrier bolted to a structure. It costs $10 - $20 per foot. One way doors preventing raccoon entry cost about $300 to $400.

Other Prevention costs
They include secure lids for trash cans, sealing of holes and gaps, covering vents and chimney tops. Trimming of trees near the attic to prevent animals from climbing in is necessary. Raccoons being nocturnal animals it is best to bring pet food inside at night. A good fencing will ensure general safety and security.

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